English: Salome

English: Salome (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So the Troika finally took over Cyprus, not by war, but by economic siege. There is not much difference really. There is no democracy now, the Troika is calling all the shots and the Cypriot president has sold his soul to the devil…oops, I meant the Troika. The present government is working under the Troika’s instructions and against its people’s interests. The Cyprus president Anastasiades was swearing on camera that under no circumstances he would sign the Troika bailout plan (I call it the be-heading plan).  However, a couple of days after Anastasiades was elected, he sided with the Troika and urged the Cyprus parliament to vote for the Troika bailout plan, misinforming the people that there were no other alternatives. Surprised? Not really. After all, it was Angela Merkel,  president of the European Union counsel  that helped president Anastasiades to get elected. She was urging the Cypriots beforehand to vote for him stressing the great relationship he has in the European Union and how much good he would do for the island. Really? Because that is the biggest crap I ever heard.  It all happened exactly like it did in a very familiar story we all know back in time before Jesus was born…

Lets make a few comparisons and remember the biblical story of John the Baptist. Cyprus in this case is John the Baptist who was a prophet and saint preaching the coming of Jesus. President Anastasiades is in this case King HerodSalome, in this case is the Troika. Salome is described in history as a dangerous seductress who was King Herod’s stepdaughter. She had promised to dance for the king who was smitten with her, in return for a favor.  The favor Salome asked for, was to have John the Baptist’s head on a silver platter.  And she got her wish. The president Anastasiades wanted help to get elected and was smitten with the thought of power, which he couldn’t get without the Troika’s (Angela Merkel’s) help. In return of helping him get elected, Troika just as Salome, asked Anastasiades for Cyprus’s head on a silver platter.  As soon as he got elected and the dance was over, he completely changed his demeanor and went back on everything he had promised to the Cyprus people prior to his election. Cyprus was beheaded and its head, which in this case is its freedom, was given to the Troika.

President Anastasiades was a big supporter of the ‘Anan plan’,  back in 2004 which was voted against by 74% of the Cyprus people and didn’t pass. The ‘Anan plan’ had as main goal to restructure Cyprus as a Turkish-Cypriot/Greek-Cypriot Unified Republic. This would give power and legality to the Turkish/Cypriots, therefore to Turkey, who illegally invaded back in 1974 by war and stole the land and property of its rightful owners, the Cypriots. The Cypriots might be ignorant in many ways, but they are not idiots. Mr Anastasiades probably thinks he has now as elected president, all the power to give his own Country one last punch and push the ‘Anan Plan’ idea to the people. Especially now that Cyprus  is economically vulnerable and helpless. You will be reading more about this matter in the media very soon and here is why.

I have been reading propaganda articles in the last few days on  how Southern Cyprus should now unify with the Northern Turkish side  in order to ‘boost’ Cyprus collapsed economy. Daniel Cohn-Bendit, a German EU Lawmaker, has been preaching the last few days on how it is the perfect time to unify South and North Cyprus in order to raise the economy. How marvelous.  Turkey would love that  right? By all means, Mr. Cohn-Bendit  just loot the island completely… Turkey, in such a case, would hand out exploitation rights to Germany and the Troika, of Cyprus’s Natural Gas which is said to bring billions. ..And since Turkey is allying with the Troika and Germany as we all know, Cyprus will seize to exist as we know it and in the end will become, Turkish! Completely exploited, ravaged, destroyed. Just as it looks like now on the Northern side that is still occupied by the Turks… Only in your dreams Turkey and Troika!

Hands off Cyprus! Cyprus is and has been Greek since the beginning of time. Not Turkish and definitely not ‘Troikan’. Just because the Turks invaded in 1974 and took by war 37% of the island and kicked out 180,000 people from their own homes, and killed thousands, does not mean that Cypriots will ever accept this monstrosity or that they will accept unification with their slaughtering enemy. And just because Cyprus is today deliberately being economically bombarded by the European Troika, does not mean that the Cypriots will ever sell-off their island. Dream on Turkey and  Troika. You don’t know Cyprus people that well as it seems. They fought huge conquerors throughout the centuries and always managed to keep Cyprus free and Greek, no matter how long it took. Cyprus is not yours to take or to bargain with monsieur German ‘lawmaker’ of Troika and Turkey. You will never have it, you will never be allowed by God to take it. Cyprus belongs to its Greek-Cypriot people. Not only will Cypriots reject the unification of Cyprus with the Turkish, but by the time this is done, the ones that took Cypriot people’s homes and land will be sent back to Turkey with their tail between their legs, hand in hand with their Troika buddies.

The constant and increasing global exploitation of the people by the dark Money-Lords has to stop, and it will stop.So it has been written, and so it shall be done. God has always watched over us and people will be free everywhere once again. Raise awareness, keep educating yourself, learn about the truth, be prepared. The truth shall set you free. We are light-workers.

Click on the link here to see what the German EU Troika ‘Lawmaker’ is planning for Cyprus and his propaganda about unifying Cyprus with Turkey http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=177576392